Valor Arts Program.

Welcome to the 9 month Christian Arts Program designed to transform students from the inside out.  With a focus on a personal relationship with God, Valor provides a space for middle and high school age students to learn and grow in talent, leadership, and spiritual maturity. Through a concentration in theater, dance, and voice, the artistic strengths of young individuals are explored and strengthened in a creative and safe environment, where they will learn to use these talents to creatively express their faith.  Coupled with hands-on community outreach, biblical studies, leadership courses, and much more, the opportunities to apply creative solutions to real life situations abound.

There are two tracks available to Valor students.  The Arts Only track, that meets three days a week, and the Arts and Education track, meeting 5 days a week and covering general education studies along with Valor Arts studies.

Students in either track will welcome guest speakers and teachers from various sectors of business, ministry, and the arts, preparing them for whatever path they choose post-high school.

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